Airtame Streaming Device

The easiest way to wirelessly display on bigger screens.

Plug Airtame into a screen and connect to it with an app. It all works through WiFi and we've designed it to be simple to both use and manage. In short Airtame unwires your school or business.

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3 Reasons why you will love Airtame

Wireless Streaming

Share your screen from any laptop

With our free app, you can easily mirror your entire desktop to a TV or projector screen. Mobile devices can present images and documents via our free Android and iOS apps.

Dashboard on TV

Display KPIs, custom images, or websites

Set a dashboard, website, slideshow, or custom image as a wallpaper for when you aren't streaming. Easily share metrics, images or a room calendar without a dedicated PC

Cloud mangement

Manage it all from the Cloud

Airtame Cloud is an IT admin’s dream. Monitor, administer and troubleshoot your devices without leaving your chair. The best part? It’s free.

See for yourself

What is Airtame?

Airtame integrates on your existing network allowing users to easily and instantly connect to any Airtame enabled screen. Options to either hardwire or wirelessly connect Airtame to the network makes Airtame the perfect choice for both businesses and schools. 

  • Works on all major platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, Android & iOS)
  • Full-HD video streaming from Laptops
  • Integrates on your corporate WiFi network
  • Guest app for users without administration rights

Daniel Wellington's Wireless Offices

Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington deployed Airtame in their new HQ in order to increase efficiency and avoid the cable clutter. A scalable, simple and aesthetically pleasing solution that has made work easier for the fastest growing company in Europe.  

  • ---You don’t get a threshold for showing something on your screen. It’s really easy and flexible, which I think adapts really well to the way we’re working at Daniel Wellington. 
  •  ----------- 

- Martin Backsell, Logistic Development Manager

Wireless Screen Sharing for Education

Hult International Business School in London have rolled out Airtame in their campus in order to facilitate better collaboration and sharing of information. The Airtame device replaced both HDMI cables and expensive signage equipment saving both money and support headaches for the IT admin. Hult chose Airtame because it:

  • Supports their BYOD environment
  • Removes the need for replacing and testing cabled connections 
  • Doubles as a digital signage solution
  • Had a scalable pricepoint

We would love to show you how Airtame can work for you

Airtame Team